3 Jobs MBA in Healthcare Administration Graduates Can Pursue

Published Date: 04-07-2021

The healthcare industry continues to grow, and you may be working within it right now wondering, “What kind of jobs can I pursue with an MBA in Healthcare Administration degree?” 

At Carroll University, Dr. Katie McCarthy is the Assistant Professor of Applied Business Analytics, who teaches in Business Management, Healthcare Business Administration, and Analytics. She’ll be the first to tell you about the education needed to get certain jobs in the healthcare industry.  

“A lot of healthcare organizations today require a graduate degree for a formal leadership position— it’s your cost of entry if you will,” McCarthy said. “…A graduate program is going to give you a systemic view. If you look at an MBA in Healthcare Administration, that’s really saying: I want to lead in healthcare, but I want to understand finance, law, human resources, etc.” 

An MBA in Healthcare Administration can open the doors to leadership opportunities in diverse healthcare organizations. 

Let’s take a look at 3 careers you could pursue with an MBA in Healthcare Administration from Carroll University.  

1. Pharmaceutical Project Manager

If you have an undergraduate degree in physical or life sciences, then you could pursue a career as a Pharmaceutical Project Manager (PPM). 

A PPM is usually employed by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and responsibilities may include: 

  • Serving as primary contact with all clients 
  • Leading teams in research and development of new drugs 
  • Assuring projects remain in budget and are completed on time
  • Developing project risk management plans

The earning potential for a PPM is promising. According to Payscale, the average salary for a PPM is about $94,000.  

2. Clinic Director

Depending on the healthcare clinic you work for, your title can vary from director to manager to administrator.  

Nonetheless, day-to-day responsibilities may include: 

  • Hiring and training personnel
  • Running personnel meetings
  • Creating personnel schedules
  • Overseeing billing, etc. 

Types of clinics who value and need this leadership role include: nursing home facilities, physicians’ offices, public health clinics, chiropractic care, and more. 

If you’re interested in managing a healthcare team and ensuring the vision, mission, and strategic goals of an organization are achieved, then becoming a clinic director could be the leadership career for you. 

3. Healthcare Human Resources Manager

An excellent human resource manager is vital for any healthcare organization to achieve success, because their day-to-day tasks affect not only personnel, but also patients. 

Examples of human resources managers tasks include:

  • Hiring personnel
  • Assuring personnel follow policies and procedures
  • Organizing professional development programs
  • Handling personnels’ compensation claims   

According to the BLS the average salary for a human resources manager is $116,000 per year; however, the salary could be more or less depending on the industry. This is a growing job outlook as well, with a projected 6% growth rate from 2019-2029. 

Healthcare human resource manager roles usually require a bachelor’s degree in a related field; however, they’re becoming increasingly competitive. An MBA in HA could help applicants stand out amongst their competitors.  

Pursue Your Dream Job With An MBA from Carroll University

Whichever career you choose to pursue after graduation, an education from Carroll University can help you land the job you’re most passionate about. 

“The beautiful part of a degree like this (that is systemic) is that students get to choose their path,” affirms McCarthy.  

The MBA in Healthcare Administration is a 100% online program with 8-week semesters, totaling eleven graduate classes. The MBA core program coursework consists of 8 of these classes, and the remaining 3 are chosen from the below healthcare topics:  

  • Healthcare Information Management 
  • Healthcare Quality Assessment and Improvement
  • Legal, Ethical, Political Issues in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Financing and Budgeting 

Are you ready to learn more and to take the next step towards an exciting journey of healthcare leadership? Visit Carroll University’s MBA in Healthcare Management overview page to learn more!




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