4 Tips to Succeed in the MBA in Healthcare Administration Program

Published Date: 09-15-2021

4 Tips to Succeed in the MBA in Healthcare Administration Program 

Individuals pursuing an MBA in Healthcare Administration can go on to work in diverse healthcare settings such as: 
  • Hospitals
  • Assisted-living facilities
  • Healthcare clinics, etc. 
First, individuals must successfully complete the program. Want to know if you have what it takes to pursue an MBA in Healthcare Administration degree?  At Carroll University, Dr. Katie McCarthy is the Assistant Professor of Applied Business Analytics who teaches in Business Management, Healthcare Administration, and Analytics. McCarthy and her fellow business professors have a firm understanding that MBA in Healthcare Administration students try their best to balance work, life and school responsibilities.  These 4 personal tips from McCarthy, who herself worked at times 70-hour weeks while attending graduate school, can help you succeed in the MBA in Healthcare Administration program and beyond.   

1. Take One Day at A Time

Working full-time in a chaotic environment while pursuing a graduate degree can at times feel overwhelming.  Carroll University’s MBA in Healthcare Administration program is designed by professionals who have experience working full-time while simultaneously pursuing a graduate degree and/or doctorate degree. McCarthy suggests taking one day at a time to remain focused on your overall long-term goal. For McCarthy, her graduate and doctorate courses kept her inspired in the healthcare field while she worked full-time. For example, you might find yourself thinking, “Today was tough at the office, but here are the things I’m learning that I’ll be able to keep with me long-term,” McCarthy said.  It’s also important to remember that an overall healthy lifestyle can positively impact your work and school life. Everyone at times inevitably feels stress; however, it’s how an individual copes with stress that matters. Here are just a few ways to cope with stress:  
  • Exercising
  • Speaking to a friend
  • Journaling
  • Scheduling daily rest times 
Take one day at a time. Focus on one class at a time. Thanks to the flexibility of online courses you can pursue your passion in healthcare leadership with the best schedule that works for you. 

2. Have Passion for Healthcare

Although a passion for school and learning helps, a deep passion for healthcare is a must according to McCarthy.  The overwhelming want to care for people, whether that be directly or indirectly, will ultimately drive leaders in the healthcare industry to make positive changes. But, how does one remain passionate while working full-time and pursuing an MBA? 
  • Focus on your “Why”: Remember the driving reason(s) you want to lead in healthcare
  • Learn through collaboration: Seek out experts or mentors who can help guide you
  • Develop a plan for the process: Create a plan to excel in areas of management that interest you
The healthcare industry is easily a career where professionals can get burned out quickly. Having passion for healthcare will keep your fire burning, even during the toughest times. 

3. Have Tenacity 

McCarthy says most people who do well in the MBA program are goal-oriented. Therefore, persistent determination will help you achieve goals throughout your time spent in the program.   As you can imagine, many people set goals only to let them fall by the wayside with excuses. However, when you commit yourself to learning and embracing new challenges of graduate school and work, then setting goals and achieving them will lead to success.  Some actions to help follow through with goals include: write goals down in a visible place, tell peers or family members about your goals, and make sure goals are realistic and achievable. And remember, your professors know the struggles that arise with working and pursuing a graduate degree. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them when you need assistance.   

4. Possess A Sense of Humility

In order to be successful in an MBA in Healthcare Administration program, you must be open to new ideas and ways of doing things – that’s part of the education process. And part of this humility can mean having a sense of humor. As McCarthy also notes, a sense of humor definitely helps absorb knowledge from others, admit to things you didn’t know yet, and overcome obstacles. If you have openness and humility in the MBA in Healthcare Administration program, then this will also lead to your success as a healthcare leader in the future. Healthcare leaders who possess humility are able to put patients first, cooperate with colleagues, and to never forget the unique individuality of patients as human beings.       

Earn More Success With A MBA

Individuals working in healthcare already have the innate drive to help others; however, an individual’s desire to continue learning and challenge themselves is what sets them apart.   Utilizing these 4 specific tips will help you hone your leadership skills while never forgetting the reason for choosing to work in the healthcare industry in the first place—to help the patient.  Carroll University’s fully online MBA in Healthcare Administration program consists of caring, experienced, healthcare and business scholars who understand the balance between school and working. Learn more about the affordability, convenience, and flexibility of the MBA in Healthcare Administration program, and take the next step on your journey to leadership.  




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