Career Benefits of Earning An MBA

Published Date: 04-29-2020

For those who aspire to leadership positions in their industry, earning an MBA is the best option for reaching their goal. There are many career benefits of a quality MBA program, like preparing you for executive positions, including the skills needed to run your own company. An MBA remains the gold standard for business leadership.

An MBA program, especially one with a specialization, gives graduates expertise in both theory and practical application of business strategy, innovative technology and leveraging data in the decision-making process. All that makes for better leaders prepared to take on the challenges of the modern business world.

In addition to a hybrid MBA program that combines online and in-class learning, Carroll University also offers a 100% online MBA program, making it far more convenient for working professionals to earn a master’s degree. You can also specialize in areas such as business management, business analytics and healthcare administration.

Here are some of the career benefits of earning your MBA, including reasons why pursuing an MBA fully online is a smart choice.

Flexibility in Earning a Degree

This is perhaps the greatest advantage to earning an MBA through a hybrid program. Students have flexibility in how they integrate education into their busy professional schedules. Carroll University also offers dates to start the MBA program every eight weeks. 

Maintaining Professional Work

Most MBA students are working professionals who want the expertise offered through an MBA program to advance their career. However, they cannot simply quit their job and return to school. The hybrid program makes earning a graduate degree more convenient. It also gives working professionals the advantage of deciding when and where to view lectures, handle coursework, and communicate with fellow students and professors. 


A huge career benefit of earning an MBA is that it attracts like-minded, ambitious people who want to elevate their careers to the next level. Graduate students make contact with fellow students, industry professionals and professors, benefitting from their experience and expertise. In most cases the contacts made in school will last a lifetime.

A Wider Perspective

It’s difficult to become a business leader in your industry without having a true picture of how all aspects of a business interlock to create success. MBA programs offer students that “30,000-foot view.” They also learn the latest business strategies in a global environment where both the workforce and the marketplace are becoming more diverse.


This goes together with the wider perspective. Most MBA candidates have an ambition to lead an organization or a large department within an organization. Some may also aspire to entrepreneurship. MBA programs such as the one from Carroll University focus a great deal of the program on supporting students in developing leadership skills they need to move up the organizational ladder.

Better Salary

We know that the finiancial career benefits of an MBA is important to any potential degree-earner. Getting the most economic benefit from your career is always part of the consideration when deciding on graduate school. Those who earn a graduate degree earn more.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that professionals with a master’s degree in the United States earn $1,434 a week on average, more than the $1,198 earned by those with a bachelor’s degree. In Wisconsin, the median annual pay for general and operations managers was $126,950, higher than the national average, according to the BLS. 

High Demand

The number of people in a management position will increase nationwide by 7% between 2018 and 2028, according to the BLS. That translates into 706,900 jobs. The number of top executives is also expected to increase by 6%, with 150,600 new top executive jobs.

Getting Challenged

A quality graduate-level program challenges students. High achievers, which an MBA program attracts, tend to learn quickly. Many may not have felt challenged in their jobs for some time. An MBA program pushes the smartest and most ambitious students to the limits of their abilities and outside their “comfort zone.” It’s the perfect way to forge leaders who can handle whatever the real world of business throws at them.

Transferable Skills

Another career benefit of an MBA program is that it offers students the soft skills they need to exceed such as high-level communication, collaboration and time management skills. These are considered just as important as hard skills when it comes to molding great leaders. These skills are transferable to any industry, making MBA graduates a much more attractive job candidate.

These are some of the advantages of entering an MBA program. It remains the best way for those with leadership aspirations to bridge the gap between the job they have and the one they want.




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