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Financial and Supply Chain Management Online Stackable Graduate Certificate

The Financial and Supply Chain Management stackable graduate certificate from Carroll University is a 12-credit online program that prepares students for managing complex international networks. You will gain hands-on experience with a variety of quantitative techniques used in the area of modern supply chain management. As well as, gain a further grasp on the financial aspects of business including effective financial decision making.  Create your own, individualized MBA by combining this certificate program with courses from the online MBA program.

Versatile and Designed for Working Professionals

Carroll’s online graduate certificates allow you to earn stackable credentials as you pursue your full MBA OR earn certificates at your own pace and apply them to your Carroll online MBA program later on.

Financial and Supply Chain Management Stackable Graduate Certificate Courses

BUS610: Quantitative Decision Making
BUS620: Advanced Managerial Accounting
BUS635: Operations & Supply Chain Management
BUS640: Advanced Financial Decision Making

Read the course descriptions at Carroll University’s course catalog page.

What A Stackable Graduate Certificate Program Does For You

  • Equips you with specialized knowledge and skills
  • Builds upon your previous education and experience
  • Adds professional development credentials to your resume
  • Qualifies you to further your business education in Carroll’s online MBA program

Career Impact

Earning a Financial and Supply Chain Management stackable graduate certificate from Carroll University School of Business not only opens doors for competitive roles in your career, but in graduate education options as well.       

Sharpen your finance and supply chain skills while exploring the path of business leadership and management. Carroll University’s stackable graduate certificate programs help you achieve your goals and make a high impact in your career.

How it Works


$8,640 total


Complete in less than 1 year


Just 12 credits


100% online

Carroll University School of Business accepted member of EFMD Global


The Carroll University School of Business is the only institution of higher education in Wisconsin accepted into the premier global business organization known as EFMD.

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