How A Specialized MBA Prepares Graduates for a Successful Career

Published Date: 04-30-2020

MBA programs have adapted to the needs of business students, offering them the chance to specialize in a field of study that allows them to become experts in a business niche. Earning an MBA remains the gold standard for business leaders, but specialization makes MBA graduates even more attractive job candidates.

Innovative MBA programs such as those offered by Carroll University give students the opportunity to develop expertise in one area of business. They learn the latest strategic and operational theories while also gaining knowledge in what drives success in specific fields.

Understanding the complexities of those niche areas makes graduates better candidates for the top jobs in their industry.

Why Is MBA Specialization Important?

An MBA with a specialization offers advantages for students who know what field they want to enter. In many cases, professionals already work in their chosen field, but want to take the next step up in their career by earning an MBA.

Many employers now expect MBA graduates to have a specialization, according to U.S. News and World Report. While having an MDA with a specialization does not guarantee you will get a job, it does make getting an interview somewhat easier with many employers.

MBA programs with specialization have two phases. First, students learn business principles and best practices of a general MBA. Secondly, they focus on their chosen specialization.

The advantages of MBA specialization include:

  • Allowing graduates to better focus on career objectives by giving them a deeper understanding of complex, specific subject matter
  • Preparing graduates to go after higher level positions because of their expertise
  • Giving graduates an edge on the competition for winning the best jobs in the field

Types of MBA Specializations

Carroll University offers a good example of the variety of specializations available. The MBA specializations offered by Carroll University are as follows. Each includes eight graduate-level courses and a capstone project. 

MBA in Business Management

The MBA in Business Management focuses on preparing business leaders who excel at communications, leadership and the latest managerial techniques. They learn the latest theories in business strategy, along with how to apply them to real-world business issues. Curriculum includes courses in economics, accounting, decision-making and business law. Students also learn the latest trends in innovative technology and how it impacts strategy and the decision-making process.

MBA in Business Analytics

The MBA in Business Analytics develops graduates who have expertise in the cutting edge use of data analytics in guiding organizations. Graduates from the program understand how to take vast amounts of data and extract meaningful insights that business leaders use in making decisions. Graduates can work in a wide variety of industries, including finance, consulting, technology, health care, consumer products, the media and entertainment. 

MBA in Healthcare Administration

Healthcare is the fastest growing sector of the U.S. economy, with federal government projections calling for 14% growth between 2018 and 2028, adding 1.9 million jobs. Thousands of those will be in healthcare administration, where quality leaders are needed to guide the operational and financial aspects of operations in all areas of healthcare. Graduates from the MBA in Healthcare Administration program are prepared to work in jobs such as hospital administrator, physicians’ clinics manager, medical department manager, health information manager, chief financial officer, policy analyst and pharmaceutical brand manager.

All three MBA specializations offer students an opportunity to develop leadership skills and the knowledge to take on complex challenges. With the variety of career paths open to MBA graduates, it’s a good time to consider entering an MBA program that allows you to focus on a specific career.




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