Online MBA from Carroll University Prepares Professionals for Upward Career Mobility

Published Date: 01-27-2021

In a world that is reshaping itself to the reality of an ongoing pandemic, working professionals are questioning the future of work. Mid-career professionals may be wondering if an online MBA is still relevant to their aspirations to advance to top executive positions.

Recent research indicates that corporate recruiters continue to value job candidates with MBA degrees and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. The 2020 Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) Corporate Recruiters Survey found that 89% of employers plan to hire MBA graduates in 2021. Furthermore, the current Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data project a 4% growth in demand for top executives through 2029. That translates into 218,300 job openings for top executives each year, on average.

Corporate recruiters search out individuals with MBAs because they know these are the job candidates who have perfected in-demand general business and leadership skills. MBAs have gained a broad perspective that enables them to understand how all aspects of a business interlock to create success. They know the latest business strategies to apply in a global environment. And they are adept at high-level communication, collaboration and time management.

Hamid Akbari, Ph.D., dean of the School of Business at Carroll University, concurs with MBA graduates’ positive outlook. “There’s no question about whether an MBA continues to be relevant,” he says.

How MBAs benefit students

It is not only future employers who benefit from MBA graduates; each MBA graduate reaps the degree’s benefits throughout their career. In addition to the knowledge gained through coursework, they have the opportunity to network with fellow MBA students, industry professionals, and professors whose expertise can be applied to their own experience. The connections made while participating in an MBA program will last a lifetime. 

MBAs also can look forward to a brighter economic future. It’s a fact: People who earn a graduate degree make more money. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that professionals with a master’s degree in the United States earn $1,497 a week on average, more than the $1,248 made by those with a bachelor’s degree. In Wisconsin, the median annual pay for general and operations managers was $126,950, higher than the national average of $123,880, according to the BLS. Prospective healthcare administration students should note that, due mainly to an aging population, employment for healthcare occupations is expected to grow 15% from 2019-2029 and add more jobs than any other occupation group.

Carroll University cultivates individualized career paths

Carroll University offers many additional benefits to its online MBA students. “Adapting to the needs of our MBA students is critical,” says Akbari. “They are looking for a program that caters to them as individuals.”

First and foremost, Carroll University recognizes that offering MBA programs online allows working professionals the level of flexibility they require. For working professionals, the university’s 100% online MBA program can fit into their schedule as they prepare for a top executive position. Students set their own pace, selecting either one- or two-year options with six start dates throughout the year. Each course lasts only eight weeks. Students can decide for themselves when and where to view lectures, complete their assignments, and communicate with fellow students and professors. They also can complete individual courses at their own pace. If they need to take a short pause because of family obligations or want to take an extra course in a semester, no problem!At Carroll University, our faculty challenge our students to do their best. Carroll’s MBA students are smart and ambitious professionals who crave new experiences. They want to be ready for the level of challenge that an executive-level position would provide them. And that’s what our MBA program does for them.Carroll MBA students have the opportunity to customize their career paths with programs in business analytics, business management and healthcare administration:

  • Business analytics students learn how to handle data to solve business challenges in a way that is both forward-thinking and bottom-line focused. 
  • Business management students develop diverse skill sets and knowledge bases, including everything from leadership and communication to supply chain management.
  • Healthcare administration students learn the skills and managerial knowledge to handle the field’s unique challenges.

Within each program, faculty work one-on-one with students to help them achieve their professional aspirations. Courses cover such functional areas as finance, accounting, office, management and leadership. For each of these courses, Carroll’s faculty obtains input from MBA students to provide projects relevant to their career aspirations. Also, Carroll’s intentionally small, collaborative classes offer an individualized approach to help each student tackle real-world problems as they develop a broad and in-depth knowledge of business. The programs and curriculum are so relevant that students are able to immediately apply what they learn in their current roles/organizations.

The Carroll University School of Business is known as a school with “Partnerships With Purpose.” MBA faculty and students tap into partnerships to create individualized learning experiences. Faculty critically examine their courses to see how partnerships can support students’ projects, encourage students to partner with each other, and incorporate every internal and external partnership opportunity into the curriculum. This attention to partnerships ensures that the coursework exposes each student to individualized learning tailored to their specific objectives. 

Mentors, as partners, help Carroll’s MBA students formulate realistic aspirations and goals. The School of Business encourages students to form partnerships with industry mentors, either from their current workplace or the workplace to which they aspire. The school’s ties to industry are extensive, which gives MBA students ready access to a large pool of mentors. For example, the school’s Analytics and Business Intelligence Consortium— a multidisciplinary alliance of industry and academia created to develop solutions for business partners—is a rich source for MBA students looking for executive mentors. “A mentor can help an MBA student relate to the courses they’re taking,” says Akbari. “They can share their classroom experience and get the mentor’s insight into the significance of what they are learning, and the mentor can describe how they would use the material in their workplace.” 

Carroll has an excellent reputation and is affordable

Carroll University believes in keeping tuition low. At $700 per credit and $23,000 total cost, ours is one of Wisconsin’s most affordable graduate schools.

The low tuition price makes Carroll University a great bargain, especially since students will be getting an individualized education at one of the country’s top programs: Money Magazine, Forbes, US. News & World Report and more consistently rank Carroll University as a top university.

Ready to position yourself as an ideal candidate for a top-level executive position? A Carroll online MBA is a perfect option. To learn more, request information or apply now to earn your Carroll MBA, visit our MBA Overview page.




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